What happens when my order is delayed?

As an online store, we – like most online retailers – typically depend on third-party courier services to fulfill deliveries depending on the needs, destinations, and preferences of our customers. As such, we are susceptible to delays that may – although rare – affect our ability to deliver orders on time.

Despite our best efforts, the reality is that there are occasional circumstances in which a courier is unable to complete a delivery on time due unforeseen issues they encounter in transit. In all instances, these delays are beyond our immediate control and sometimes inevitable, particularly at busier times of the year, but we always provide customers with tracking information so they can remain updated as to the whereabouts of such packages.

We trust customers are patient and understand that they are not entitled to refunds/cancellations solely on the basis that their order is delayed, because ultimately the product will still be delivered. Please understand that, in most cases, the delivery times mentioned in shipping methods are usually estimates and, as such, are not guaranteed and subject to change due to courier performance.

If we deliver a package with a service guarantee after the applicable guaranteed delivery time, we will, upon request by the sender, issue the sender a refund or credit (at our option) in respect of the delivery. We will (at our sole option) refund or credit a sender, upon request, an amount equal to the difference between (a) the delivery fees paid by the sender and (b) the delivery fees that would apply to the delivery service that was actually received.

If we cannot deliver a package with a service guarantee on the applicable guaranteed delivery day, delivery will take place by end of day on the business day specified by us.

The following limitations apply to guaranteed deliveries:

1. The delay must not be caused by some event beyond our control, including but not limited to, those items described in “Our Liability – Events Beyond Our Control”.

2. The delivery must not be left in a “Drop Box” after the posted pickup time; must not require pickup after local cut-off times; and must not be tendered to us after local cut-off times.

3. The service guarantee may be suspended, modified or revoked at our sole discretion.

The service guarantee will not apply to the following deliveries:

1. Deliveries originating from or destined to points deemed by us to be remote, where such points are not serviced directly by our couriers

2. Undeliverable or returned deliveries