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Beer n Grub is proud to offer beer club memberships with a variety of featured snacks, from gourmet foods to hot & spicy foods, from fruits to nuts, and everything in between! Send your friend, loved one, significant other, or co-worker an amazing beer club membership from Beer n Grub!

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Beer Club Memberships for Significant Others: Make your romance fly sky-high again with a beer club from Beer n Grub! Send your significant other their favorite combination of craft beer and savory snacks, fruits, hot & spicy snacks, or other items of your choosing.

Beer Club Memberships for Friends: Your BFF will off their chair when they see the beautiful gift of beer and their favorite matching snack, whether a savory food, hot & spicy food, nuts, or another item, according to the beer club.

Beer Club Memberships for Bosses: Does the boss prefer hot & spicy or salty or something else entirely? Send them the perfect beer club membership featuring just what they want with their beer along their best-liked beer.

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