Can I ship fresh fruit, cakes & baked goods, flowers, cheese, chocolate dipped strawberries & other perishables?

Chocolate-dipped strawberries, cheeses, fruits, baked goods and flowers are considered perishable items and therefore must be shipped on an expedited basis to maintain freshness. When ordering perishable items, we highly recommend that customers choose the fastest shipping method available during checkout (same-day, next-day, overnight); we also include a similar advisory in the product details of most of our perishable and custom baskets.

In the event that a customer opts to ship perishable items using a shipping method that requires longer than the recommended one business days' transit, we may replace the perishable items with non-perishable alternatives to ensure that the order arrives in good condition; for example, substituting fresh cheeses with dips, spreads or jams, chocolate-dipped strawberries with chocolate truffles or chocolate bars, cakes with brownies/cookies, etc). Similar adjustments may be made if we are required to ship an order over the course of a weekend/public holiday, or if we anticipate potential delays due to high volumes, weather, etc.

In the event that a customer proceeds to order perishable items using a ground shipping method, we can not guarantee the condition in which said items will arrive, and we trust that customers understand they are not entitled to refunds/replacements if such products are delivered damaged, melted or spoiled.