When it comes to figuring out when or when it isn’t appropriate to gift alcohol , what to look for when giving alcohol or presenting it to someone, there isn’t much help out there. Believe it or not we have been gifting booze for hundreds of years and still haven’t perfected it.

Why all the gift-giving drama when it comes to booze? After all, isn’t this stuff supposed to be fun? The trickiness comes from a combination of history, culture, and subjective personal preference. There is also a huge selection of options when it comes to alcohol as a gift. from sparkling to still wine, fortified wines to spirits, beer, liquors, and ciders, all with various subvarieties that may or may not match the tastes of the recipient.

While the prime directive when it comes to gift-giving alcohol is undoubtedly personal taste preferences of the person receiving the gift, here are some personal tips to help you navigate your alcohol gift. 

Housewarming/Dinner Party 

When it comes to gifting party for a dinner or housewarming, your gifts are for the hosts, not the guests. It is also possible that your gift will be consumed the same day you give it. Wine and beer are the perfect gifts for these types of scenarios, as well as you can be budget minded when it comes to these gifts.

When it comes to wine, a non vintage or sweeter wine is a perfect gift, as well as a selection of mid-range beers. Since the gifts might be popped open in short order, a gift bag or simple packaging will suffice. If you go the beer route, it is best to choose a local craft brewery. You can choose to include a glass or two for the wine or beer.

The Boss 

When it comes to getting a gift for your boss one of the key things is to be classy, and not cheap. It might be a bonus if the booze lasts for longer than a day once it has been opened. Fortified wines or ports are good options, as well as spirits. These gifts will be in the premium range, but remember that is the price you pay for a good impression.

Make an even bigger splash with your boss, pair the alcohol with a stylish glass tumbler for spirits or a tasting glass for wine. For these gifts it is best to give the gift one-on-one, in a private setting.


It is best to show some thought in the selection process, especially for birthday gifts. If they like a particular spirit, wine, or beer style, look for something that includes a new or limited edition version of that alcohol.

Extras will go a long way towards making the gift more enjoyable and meaningful when it comes to Birthdays. If you plan on gifing beer, remember that beer can be purchased in sets, and sometimes are combined with custom beer glasses. For wine, look for a glass style that is made for the type of wine being gifted. Sure, it might be a little extra work, but the thoughtfulness will be appreciated.  


One of the reasons we celebrate significant milestones in people’s lives is because they are rare, therefore worthy of celebrating. Therefore the gift you are giving should reflect it’s occasion; therefore you are looking for a premium gift.

Vintages, like sparkling wine, or fortified wine are a great gift to give. If you are looking to really wow any recipient try to find a vintage that matches a significant year to the celebration. These are the type of occasions to go all out, so go ahead and get creative with the packaging. You can add on additional items, just remember to not upstage the main alcohol gift, make it the unquestioned star of the show.  


There are so many potential options for holiday gift-giving, but the one sure fire way to go is seasonal! One of the best examples of this is craft beer. These beers are brewed specifically for every season, a great gift for holiday parties.

For these types of gifts, you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank; by going bargain to mid-range-priced alcohol you are fine. Try to avoid purchasing very common items - as they can often suggest a lack of thoughtfulness. Gift bags, wrapped boxes, or baskets are all good options for presenting alcohol as gifts during the holidays. Finally, rather than combining holiday booze with drinking glasses, consider a more inspired option to help your gift really stand out, such as including a seasonal food match instead. 

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