Well one of the main reasons is for tasty beer, of course! 

Beer festivals have been around for a while, and as the interest in new breweries, styles, production and beer culture has grown, so has the appetite for beer festivals. This has lead to an increase in a bunch of new, smaller, and boutique beer festivals popping up in major cities. 

While it is still fun to go to a big beer festival, as they still offer you a great time filled with craft beer, and a place to discover new brews, the smaller boutique festivals have given the opportunity for smaller breweries to be discovered, as well as provide an intimate experience for the festival goers.

Discover Beers & Breweries 

One of the main reasons anyone attends a beer festival is exposure to a new beer or breweries. This means that almost everyone is looking to find a new beer or brewery they have never heard of before and to get beers that they might not be able to get. Often times at festivals a brewery might release a limited edition beer, cask, or seasonal launch for a beer, which may only be available at the festival. Therefor a beer festival might be the only time to sample some of these beers.

Fun With Friends 

There’s nothing like going to a beer festival with friends, and being able to sample a wide variety of beers with your friends. Beer festivals are all about coming together and celebrating. Nothing brings people together more than beer and food! Every beer festival is all about celebrating beer, and nothing beats celebrating beer with friends.

Meeting The Brewers 

Beer festivals often feature the people behind the beer (brewers, founders, etc.), so you can have a talk about the beer, process, or any other questions you might have. This is much better than talking to a sales rep, who might have little to no idea about the answers. Some festivals also include a seminar or two, as well as demonstrations. Some of these will include stories about the beer, how to cook using beer, or what types of beer pair well with food and cheese. So if you are interested there are things you can take home with you, besides a hangover.


Many beer festivals feature entertainment on top of beer and food! It’s beer… with an atmosphere. Live music adds to the overall experience of beer festivals, so it is no wonder why this type of culture is added to the environment. There’s just something about live music and beer that just can’t be beat.


Nothing brings people together more than beer and food! Think about how many people would help you paint your house - buy them beer and food and they’ll gladly do it. Beer festivals help support the community, most are organized with the help and support of volunteers and organizers, as well as help showcase local breweries or food vendors.

Believe it or not, according to a Eventbrite recently released a study 94% preferred a big beer festival that brought breweries together. In second place was a food-and-beer festival. So the next time a beer festival is announced, grab some friends and head on over, there is always a beer for everyone, and you are guaranteed to have a great time!